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Serving With Purpose.


While serving as a Biomedical Equipment Technician for the US Navy,  the comprehensive usage of antiquated equipment and supplies concerned me. Our active duty and veterans deserve the best, because they are putting their lives on the line for us. If we can help them get access to the best tools and care they need, with as little resistance and friction as possible, then getting them there is well worth the effort.

QB Medical helps bridge that gap. We make connections with manufacturing partners that produce great products with great outcomes, and they need companies like QB Medical who not only understand the government procurement marketplace, but help them get into that market. It’s a complicated, evolving space, and we can help them navigate it.

For our procurement officers, buyers, clinicians and healthcare providers: we understand you don't always get time to plan for what you need. Let us help you get your orders placed quickly. We are a trusted, reliable partner with over a decade of serving with a purpose.


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At our core, QB Medical serves the unique needs of our government and military customers, as well as our commercial customers looking for the best and most efficacious healthcare and medical solutions for their patients.

What sets QB Medical apart, however, is our commitment to better education and access to the products that our veterans, active duty service members, and their families need and deserve. We aren't afraid to go beyond expectations to uncover the real problems, so that we can provide the best solutions for you.

What draws me to this business is that I can make a difference in the lives of our veterans, active duty members, and their families. It's vital for companies like QB Medical to help navigate this constantly changing government medical supply market so we can offer the best clinical solutions to any patient, no matter their circumstances. This is a great time to be in this business. I’m excited about what we can do for our military community. It is a privilege and honor to serve them.


Shawn Nelson
President & CEO

 Shawn Nelson

Shawn Nelson