Opioid Epidemic: From Crisis to Public Health Emergency


As we saw from President Trump’s announcement last week, the opioid crisis has now been dubbed a “public health emergency”. * Whether or not the government recognizes the need to allocate federal funding to deal with this issue, we realize that the opioid crisis is real and present and touches many, many lives. This is especially true when it comes to our veterans and current military who have been prescribed these drugs to address a myriad of health issues and for the treatment of pain management.

QB Medical is committed to moving forward to help support those in need and dealing with this very real epidemic. We will offer a specialty product line aimed at dealing with the often opioid-induced military society and plan to educate and advise on how to begin treatment with other alternatives so that this population doesn’t even start on the very harmful and addictive drug.

Treatments include both occupational and physical modalities that can help provide relief from chronic and debilitating pain. Being able to administer to these military veterans with alternative treatment plans from day one will hopefully help curb the often knee-jerk reaction to immediately prescribe an opiate for some relief and stop this crisis from continuing its deathly hold on society.   

*Jenna Johnson and John Wagner, “Trump Declares the Opioid Crisis a Public Health Emergency” Oct. 26, 2017. The Washington Post  

Shawn Nelson